samedi 12 mai 2012

Cardiff, 07 MAY 2012 - Interview with Roddy Moreno from The Oppressed

05 may 2012 - after party - interview with Toni Face from Liquidator music and with a member of Los Granadians - one of the guitarists

06 MAY 2012 - Dublin Castle - London - Interview with Stefan from A MESSAGE TO YOU label from Sweden

04 MAY 2012 - Interwiew with Rico Rodriguez

Interview with Rico thanks to Rhoda Dakar, later we speak with J.A. Franklin and one singer of the Pioneers: Here we continue to speak with Rico about the trombone:

03 MAY 2012 - Interview with the Pioneers

03 MAY 2012 - the Delegators - interview with the lead singer Janet Kumah

The song taken from the concert: Interview:

03 MAY 2012 - "small" interview with Owen Gray

05 May 2012, International Ska Festival - interview with Natty Bo, the lead vocal of Ska Cubano

06 MAY 2012 Interview with Kevin from the Do The Dog Music

06 MAY 2012 - the end of International ska festival - Interview with Ska Patrol Radio Show's Animators from Dublin